Notifications And Sounds

Notifications and sound might be really important when you want to be updated every single second to see who is on the other side. It would be really annoying if you do not receive any notifications for CHATI.

It is also very annoying when you are receiving a lot of unwanted notifications and would like to ignore them.

Let's look at how we could manage both the sound and the notifications.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Go to your CHATI Dashboard and navigate to "Manage Notifications" by clicking on your avatar on the very right.

2. Next, you would see a page like this where you can easily manage all your sound and desktop notifications.

  1. In order for your notifications to work, you would have to check if your browser's notifications are allowed. To do that please check if your notifications for CHATI are allowed.
  2. To allow for Google Chrome, please follow these steps.
  3. Firstly click the three dots to the right of your chrome tab and select settings
  4. After navigating to Settings, click on Privacy and Security -> Site Settings
  5. After that under site settings click notifications, and allow notifications for CHATI